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National Childrens Science Congress News

More than 1000 Projects expected in Children’s Science Congress from Gujarat

To inculcate skills of science and technology in children, National Children’s Science Congress ( NCSC ) network has started preparations of science projects making activities in Gujarat. One such programme is being conducted in Surat’s T.B.Jain Girls school.

Co – Ordinators for Gujarat Suresh Ramanuj and Babubhai Desai told Press Peoples that we have already organised training sessions for teachers in Ahmedabad. This year we expect students of more than 25 – 30 schools will participate in the Children’s Science Congress. They will present more than 1000 projects.

State level convention of Co – Ordinators in Gujarat for National Children’s Science Congress ( NCSC ) will be held in Kadi on 6th November, 2012. ┬áNational Children’s Science Congress ( NCSC ) provides the children of 10 to 17 years from all over the country an unique opportunity to use their scientific temperament and knowledge to make their own dreams come true.

The program was initiated in 1993, with the following objectives :

  • To provide a forum to the young scientists to pursue their natural curiosity and to quench their thirst for creativity by experimenting on open – ended problems;
  • To make you feel that science is all around and you can gain knowledge as well as solve many problems also be relating the learning process to the physical and social environment of the neighbourhood;
  • To encourage children throughout the country to visualise future of the nation and help building generation of sensitive, responsible citizens;
  • To stimulate scientific temperament and learning the scientific methodology for observation, collection of data, experiment analysis arriving at conclusions and presenting the findings.

Areas of Research :

Every year a focal theme is announced for the CSC. This year’s theme is ‘ENERGY’. The children are expected to carry out projects related to the focal theme and the identified sub – themes. Activity books are available to help guide teachers and the child scientists. A group of children not exceeding 5 ( five ), can do the project with the help of scientists, school teachers, co – ordinators of school science clubs, activists of science based voluntary organizations etc. The teachers / guides receive special orientation on the theme of the CSC every year.

Schedule :

  • District Level Congress : By mid October
  • State Level Congress : By mid November
  • National Level Congress : 27th December, 201231st December, 2012
  • NCSC is held annually from 27th December, 201231st December, 2012. After a thorough scrutiny at district and state levels, about 500 children take part in this five day long deliberations and fun – filled science activities.

Some selected projects from the state also participate in the School Science Education Forum of the Indian Science Congress sessions held every year during 3rd January, 20128th January, 2012. This program is also being linked to INTEL Science and Technology Discovery fairs ( ISTDF ).This is a direct collaboration between ISTDF and RVPSP, Govt. of India. Child scientists may take this opportunity. Projects with originality and innovative ideas could be picked up at the State Level for participation in National fair of INTEL STDF. Opportunities are also available under schemes of Ministry of Science and Technology, for innovative ideas to get financial support to pursu the idea further to make it reach of conclusive end.