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The National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE), established under NCTE Act, 1993, notified its Recognition Norms and Procedure, Regulations, 2007 on 10th December, 2007.

Some of the important provisions of this Regulations for academic session 2009-2010 are being given below for general information of all concerned.

  • Last date for submission of application 31st October, 2008
  • Last date for issuance of formal recognition /refusal order 15th May, 2009

No applications will be received by the Regional Committees during 01.11.2008 to 15.05.2009.

Applications received / submitted during this period shall be summarily returned back to the applicants with advise to submit application after 16.05.2009 and before 31.10.2009 for the session 2010-2011.

In view of the recommendations of the State Governments not to further recognize / permit the institutions for conduction some of the teacher training course(s), application for following courses for the academic session 2009-2010 from the States indicated will not be considered and all such applications shall be returned along with processing fees and documents.

ProgramDate and DayTime
M.Sc.02.02.2008 Saturday2.30 p.m. To 4.30 p.m.
MBA03.02.2008 Sunday10.00 a.m. To 12.00 noon
MCA03.02.2008 Sunday2.30 p.m. To 4.30 p.m.

In respect of other States also, in case the State Goverment / UT Administration concerned makes specific recommendations to NCTE no) to further recognize / permit the institutions for conducting any specific teacher training course, applications received from such States and for such courses tor the academic session 2009-2010 will not be considered and all such applications shall also be returned along with processing fees and documents.

The step is being taken by NCTE as a temporary measure for regulating the growth of teacher training institutions pending Slate-wise assessment of the man power requirement of teachers in the country.

Complete application on prescribed form to be submitted to the concerned Regional committee from other States and courses not covered in para 2 above should inter alia include :

Application lee of Rs. 40,000/-

Possession of the requisite land on ownership basis or on lease from Government for at least 30 years, FDR of Rs.3.00 lakhs and Rs.5.00 lakhs as Reserve Fund and Endowment Fund, respectively, Approved building plan and completion certificate from a civic authority.

Recognition may be sought only for one course (basic unit) in a year / session.

Application for additional intake to be considered only;

  • After completion of three academic sessions for the concerned course; and
  • NAAC accreditation with grade ‘B’ for B.Ed / B.PEd. course

All institutions granted additional intake in a B.Ed/B.P.Ed course after January, 2006 shall have to get themselves accredited with NAAC with grade ‘B’ before 1st April 2010.

All institutions which are still running in a rented premises even after completion of three years ol recognition are required to shift to a permanenl premises immediately, to avoid derecognition from next academic session, For further details, visit Website:

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Application Form Submission 16 Dec 2020 to 16 Jan 2021.