National Employability Report

National Employability Report

MBA Employability Decline – Report

The National Employability Report MBA Graduates, Annual Report 2012 given by Aspiring Minds has revealed dreary figures for employability of MBA graduates. The employability rate for functional roles in marketing, finance or HR is less than 10% while for consulting roles it is only 2.5%.

The report also showed that more females are employable in HR profiles and that 40% of employable graduates fall beyond the leading 1000 MBA colleges. The study was conducted on 2011 batch collecting data of 32,000 candidates from over 220 MBA institutes using AMCAT – an employability exam held by Aspiring Minds.

Roles such as Consulting, analyst and functional reports lowest employability figures for MBAs. The poor figures of employability reveal that management colleges and students need individual employability feedback and direction to adopt the correct measures for improvement. This will help in employing more students and fulfilling the growing demand of our industry.

There has been a tremendous rise from 200 B-schools in early nineties to about 3300 MBA institutes today. However, only 10-20% of the MBA graduates are employable for sales and client servicing profiles.

The study further revealed that only 10.56% of the graduates are employable in corporate ( B2B ) sales which is half of that in B2C ( consumer sales ) – 21.72%. About 16.01% students are employable for customer service profiles.

The employability for marketing roles stood at about 6.99%, HR ( 9.63% ) and BFSI ( 7.69% ). The employability in the BFSI sector is 7.69% while that in area of Operations is 15.04%.