National Science Day Celebrated at GNDU University

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National Science Day Celebrated at Guru Nanak Dev University

A special lecture was organized at the Guru Nanak Dev University ( GNDU ) to celebrate the National Science Day.

Eminent scientist, Professor M A Singara Charya from department of microbiology, Kakatiya University of Andhra Pradesh delivered this lecture on “Food Security and Genetically Modified Organisms”.

Prof Charya in his lecture briefed about the need of food security to meet up nutritional food demands of increasing population. He referred to the reports published by Food and Agricultural Organization ( FAO ) where it was stated that over 850 million people were suffering from chronic hunger due to extreme poverty and 2 billion people lacked sufficient food. He also highlighted the reports of UN that more than 900 million people were undernourished and situation was expected to worsen by 2050.

He said that Punjab pioneered in Green Revolution among the other states transforming India into a food surplus country but at the same time state had witnessed serious consequences due to excessive use of chemicals and pesticide inputs.

He also talked about the social, political and economic impacts of the Green Revolution in Punjab and its role in overcoming the food shortages. He said that the National Food Security Bill, 2013 had many issues needed to be dire attention.

He also discussed the relationship between biodiversity, bioproductivity and biotechnology with special reference to various controversies related to the burning topic of Genetically Modified ( GM ) crops. He said that if GM crops had various benefits and at the same time they had harmful effects also.

He also discussed the safety and intellectual property rights issues, ethics, labeling and other economic aspects related to GM crops along with various health issues, ecological concerns arising from gene escape.

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