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New Fee Structure for Engineering and Medical Courses

New Fee Structure for Engineering and Medical Courses

Thiruvananthapuram: A new fee structure for engineering and medical courses in the State appears likely in the wake of an interim order of the Kerala High Court on Thursday.

As the fee specified for management seats in the pacts signed by the Government with managements of self-financing colleges is higher than what was prescribed by the P.A Mohammed fee regulatory committee, one way out of the situation created by the court order would be for the Mohammed committee to increase the fee for various professional courses.

This was reportedly the core issue at the talks held here on Thursday evening between Education Minister MA Baby and representatives of the association of managements of self-financing engineering colleges. The talks were held at the Academic Staff College of the University of Kerala.

Based on an assurance from the Government that it will work with the Mohammed committee on the matter of fee, the association representatives, led by its president G.P.C. Nayar, told Mr. Baby that they would stand by the agreement on seat and fee signed with the Government.

"The PA Mohammed committee is yet to take a final decision on the individual fee requests submitted by managements of engineering colleges. I don't think there is a problem as far as the engineering colleges are concerned. The Government will hold discussions tonight (Thursday night) with legal experts, including the Law Secretary," Mr. Baby said.

The interim order of the High Court has also nullified, in effect, the allotment made by the Commissioner for Entrance Examinations at 1 a.m. on Thursday. Now that the High Court has struck down the merit-cum-means category under which allotments were made to self-financing professional colleges under the government quota, a real-lotment is inevitable.

According to Government sources, such a reallotment will mean that a number of students who were allotted under the merit-cum-means category may lose out in the race for seats.

New Fee Structure for Engineering and Medical Courses

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