New I-VI Class Text Books set for Printing Next Month

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New I-VI Class Text Books set for Printing Next Month

New textbooks for classes I and VI, as per the equitable standard school education, will be sent for printing in January.

According to sources in the school Education Department, textbook writers working on different subject textbooks have drawn upon multiple boards and streams for the content and screened various publishers’ textbooks to arrive at visually appealing designs.

With inputs that suggested that the textbooks be based on those published by the NCERT, a lot of emphasis was on making it attractive to children, the sources said.

The textbooks are expected to be readied in time for the next academic year.

The time line drawn by the School Education Department earlier on the need for sending textbooks for printing by January was one of the reasons that necessitated the State government to promulgate The Tamil Nadu Uniform System of School Education Ordinance recently, the sources added.

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