New UGC Scales in Medical Colleges

The State government has decided to implement the University Grants Commission revised pay scales 2006 to teaching faculty in the Government medical and dental colleges with retrospective effect from 1st November, 2006.

The new scales will be effective with monetary benefit in cash from 1st April, 2010 and the arrears from 1st November, 2006 would be credited to the provident fund accounts of the employees in two instalments – January and September next year.

For the employees who have retired from service or died on or before 31st March, 2010 this year, the arrears would be disbursed in cash.

Accordingly, the scale of tutors has been revised from Rupee 8,000 – Rupee 13,000 to Rupee 15,600, Rupee 39,100 with academic grade pay at Rupee 6,000 and scale for assistant professors had been revised from Rupee 10,000 – Rupee 15,200 to Rupee 15,600 – Rupee 39,100 with academic grade pay fixed at Rupee 7,000.

Associate professors had been placed in the same scale against their earlier scale of Rupee 12,000 – Rupee 18,300 ( Rupee 8,100 academic grade pay).

Professors and Associate Professors (after three years) would be in Rupee 37,400 – Rupee 67,000 scale against their previous scale of Rupee 16,400 – Rupee 22,400 and Rupee 12,000 – Rupee 18,300 respectively with academic grade pay at Rupee 10,000 and Rupee 9,000.

The additional Director of Medical Education and DME would also be in the scale of Rupee 37,400 – Rupee 67,000 with academic grade pay of Rupee 10,000.

The new scales would be applicable to teaching faculty tutors, assistant and associate professors, professors, principals of Government medical and dental colleges, superintendents of teaching hospitals additional DME, DME (academic) and also to the regular teaching faculty under the administrative control of DME working in RIMS institutions and hospitals and those already drawing the 1996 UGC scales who were under the UGC scales of pay as on 1st November, 2006.

2 thoughts on “New UGC Scales in Medical Colleges

  1. I am working since 1984 in private medical professor In biochemistry since 2005
    what is my basic salary

  2. I converted CAS to Assistant professor on 1.10.2008. My basic pay as a CASin 2008 14600/-. Know my basic salary will be fixed at what point.

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