NLS Professor Wins Legal Education Innovation Award

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Legal Education Innovation Award

National Law School, Bangalore Professor Wins Legal Education Innovation Award :

Dr. Ashok R Patil, chair professor in consumer law and practice of National Law School, Bangalore has won the legal education innovation award here recently.

This award has been given to him for his contribution in the field of innovation and leadership in development of consumer protection policies and consumer law and practice in law schools based on clinical education.

The research findings on misleading advertisements by the Consumer Law chair by Ashok has persuaded the ministry of consumer affairs, government of India to have consultation with stakeholders for regulatory reform. The process has led to Consumer Law Chair being asked to draft an appropriate legislation for policy changes in this regard.

Ashok’s innovative teaching methods have resulted not only in reaching justice to consumers and imparting practical skills to students but also in law reform initiatives at highest level.

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