Career in Medicine a Challenge

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Career in Medicine a Challenge

NTR University of Health Sciences Vice-Chancellor Dr. I. V. Rao described the medical profession as a long and arduous journey which has little scope for relaxation due to the rapid developments taking place in medicine and related subjects.

To make their mark in the esteemed profession, MBBS students have to pursue super-speciality courses.

“Getting admission into MBBS course is just the beginning of a career in medicine. They have to cross many a milestone on the road ahead,” Dr. Rao asserted.

Addressing the first year MBBS students of Katuri Medical College (KMC) on its premises at Chinakondrupadu here on Friday, Dr. Rao said students have to keep themselves abreast with the day-to-day developments in the field of medical science.

Technology has revolutionised the practice of medicine in India. The trend had been more pronounced from the 1980s when sophisticated gadgets started being used in treating varied diseases.

Doctors of the yesteryear were largely dependent on their clinical skills before that period.

Though today’s students have the luxury of technology, they need to have a strong background knowledge of medicine to become successful professionals.

Dr. Rao said the emergence of new drugs was a big challenge for the upcoming professionals, who should also be computer savvy. Computers were extremely useful to learn about latest trends and apply them in practice.

Emerging Field

Therapeutics was a rapidly evolving field with which every medical student and practitioner should be conversant in order to render best services to the needy, Dr Rao added.

KMC Executive Director Y. Rajeswara Rao said every student must be bound to serve humanity and desist from indulging in nasty things like ragging. Earlier, the students took Hippocratic Oath and, presented a memento to the Vice-Chancellor marking the Teachers Day in advance.

Principal V. Subhadra Devi, Dean Prabhakar Rao and others took part.

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