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Oberoi International School News

Oberoi International School invites internationally renowned Psychologist for Workshops

To help anxious parents to deal with issues relating to child development, parent – teacher relationship and adolescence, Oberoi International School ( OIS ) in Goregaon ( E ), invited Dr Michael Thompson, an internationally renowned consultant and child psychologist, to speak at a two day workshop held at the school’s premises on 24th September, 2012 and 25th September, 2012. This is Michael Thompson’s first ever visit to India.

Speaking at the two – day workshop at Oberoi International School, Dr. Michael Thompson highlighted the fact of parent’s obsession with kid’s accomplishments. “Parents want their child to be more responsible, actively participate in everything. This puts tremendous pressure on children, practically depriving them of their childhood. Consequently, children do not feel free to do what they want most of the times.”

An insightful thought shared by him was that a school is a psychological journey that every child must take up to grow and develop whether they are academic aces or borderline dropouts. “In fact, as a psychologist, I am more interested in helping students at the bottom of the class. Research has shown that the ability of children to work along with others goes a long way in shaping their character and future careers,”added Dr. Thompson.

“Most parents want to relive their dreams through their children, sometimes inadvertently depriving the children of their own dreams. We at OIS understand this and try to empower our students to follow their own dreams. Hence, our vision is “Freedom to think, Empower to be.” Apart from the regular curriculum, we provide many extra – curricular activities to help our children achieve their dreams,” said Dr. Vladimir Kuskovski, Head of school, Oberoi International School .

Dr. Thompson further stressed upon the importance of encouraging the children to follow their natural aptitudes. “Inadvertently, most parents in their own panic state pressurize their kids into unrealistic situations, rather than giving individual attention and bringing out the actual potential of the child.”

During the two day workshop, Dr. Thompson interacted with parents, teachers and children on a personal level sharing with them his thoughts, advice and valuable insights on helping them find success in school and beyond.

At the conclusion of the two day workshop Dr. Michael Thompson said, “It was an honour to have Oberoi International School invited me to visit India. I had a fascinating visit where I spoke to parents, to fathers, to teachers and students. I learned a great deal about the hopes and worries of Indian parents.

They want, of course to have their children do well academically, but they also hope to have more emotionally closer relationships with their children than they had with their own parents. Perhaps, I helped allay some parent’s anxieties and maybe I gave some adults a closer look at the emotional lives of children.”