Online Lessons to make Study easy

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Online Lessons to make Study easy

High – school students will have a virtual teacher by their side at home, school or anywhere. All that they need is a computer with Internet connection.

Log on to the website, official portal of the Deputy Director of Education, and click the link ‘Vijayotsavam.’ And study easy and fast.

In a first such initiative in Kerala, simplified lessons have been uploaded by the research wing of an education committee functioning under the district panchayat.

In a trial earlier, the Education Department had uploaded some of the simplified modules to check the response of the learners.

Members of the research wing say the online modules have been prepared to assist less – gifted students in learning, in an easy way, all eight subjects taught in high school classes. Teachers will be able to download the lessons for classroom teaching of such students.

For the effective use of the learning material, the schools have been asked to form class – level peer groups. Selected teachers and class leaders have been trained for the purpose.

It has been proposed to allow students to access the online content on the school computers from 3.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. K.K. Sivadasan, coordinator of the education committee, says 193 high schools in the district are likely to benefit from the lessons.

The lessons will be easy for comprehension and any average student can grasp the basics of all subjects without difficulty.

Wider Application

The project has been referred to the General Education Department for its State – wide implementation with the support of IT@School Project.

The lessons will be rearranged with the support of a separate research wing of teachers, as many as 323 short – listed high schools which have been registering low pass percentages will be the beneficiaries.

The online modules were prepared under the guidance of a 45 – member research team, comprising teachers from various high schools in the district.

It took around eight months to complete the abridged lessons. The team had been instructed to avoid the reproduction of the content specified in the syllabus, as less – gifted students were finding it a hurdle.

Mr. Sivadasan says the lessons would be palatable for even students who have no background in the subject. “The language used to describe the lessons and the methods of presentation are unique by several means to make learning an interesting activity,” he says.

The research team is planning to distribute a separate set of printed study materials for students in standard 10.

It will also target academically backward students. The team members say the printed materials will serve as a quick reference material ahead of the final examinations.

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