Only 6 Engineering Colleges submit Audit Reports

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Only 6 Engineering Colleges submit Audit Reports

Among the 600-odd engineering colleges, only six have submitted audited reports to the Admission and Fee Regulation Committee (AFRC) this year even though all of them have claimed to be incurring huge expenditure on faculty and infrastructure.

And interestingly, only one among those six institutions gave every detail of the expenditure and sought fee hike based on those audited results. There are a few variations among the audited results of other five colleges, an official said.

Colleges have been seeking fee hike citing various reasons including payment of UGC pay scales to its teaching and non-teaching staff, providing lab facilities and facilities like internet to faculty and students.

The guidelines say that each college can submit its income and expenditure report and seek fee hike according to that.

Except the top 10 colleges that draw top rankers and good students majority college managements have been seeking a common fee than separate fee for each institution though students and parents have also been indicating that they were willing to pay more fee for quality colleges.

The non-submission of audited reports is an indication that not everything is perfect in the professional colleges with regard to payment of salaries and creation of facilities, said an official.

Lot of colleges divert their funds for various other purposes though they are supposed to spend the students’ fee for academic and administrative aspects only.

Open secret

Audited reports will also reveal what salaries are being paid to professors, assistant professors and non-teaching staff.

“Only a few colleges actually pay their teachers as per eligibility and this is an open secret,” the official said.

Another route adopted by majority colleges to save money is to pay UGC recommended salaries to a couple of teachers like Principals and Head of the Departments and engage semi-qualified and fresh graduates as teachers paying a paltry sum.

Colleges have been demanding that the average fee be increased to 55,000 per year per student in order to provide quality education engaging qualified faculty.

“But given their salary payments and expenditure incurred on other aspects, the present fee will be more than enough.Except a few colleges no one has met the criteria on the teacher-student ratio too,” another official pointed out.

Officials also point out that action can be initiated against the colleges if the Government wishes to but such things are ignored keeping the students in view.

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