Portal on RTE Act

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Portal on RTE Act

A website dedicated to discussing issues related to the Right to Education (RTE) Act – http://righttoeducation.in – has been launched by RTE Coalition, an umbrella organisation.

The website will track the RTE legislation and its implementation, and also have related news, analysis and commentary.

It caters to interested citizens, teachers, parents and stakeholders to help them strategise and contribute to make universal elementary education a reality in India.

The coalition seeks to pool in the collective resources of its members to form a mass base, engage in meaningful discussions and share lessons and experiences related to the legislation.

The website will have all the legislation related to the Central RTE Act and rules framed by the States.

Anyone interested can visit the homepage and subscribe to site updates by email.

They can also register on the site and comment on blogs, news and commentaries, or put up local news related to RTE and education.

Those interested can share information on the website by mailing info@righttoeducation.in

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