Preventing train accidents using radars, student offers new system

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Preventing train accidents using radars, student offers new system

G. Mugunthan has hardly entered the portals of engineering college but has a project at hand. The son of a Bhavani Municipality employee has come up with an idea to avert train accidents using radar.

He says he prefers duplex radars, as they are more beneficial, will dot railway tracks every 10 km, with each having a signal radius of 5 km. Each train will also have radars.

The frequencies of radar along a track and the train on the track will match.

The latter will have radar with adjustable frequency, so that if the train is on another track in its next journey, the radar can be accordingly tuned.

Mr. Mugunthan says as trains move, the movement will be monitored on the radar, and if two trains are on a track and getting closer, the radar will alert the trains.

And, assuming that the radars fail, the radars mounted on the trains will alert each other, enabling stoppage of vehicle well in advance.

The boy says he was interested in the project after one of the train accidents make him think of a solution. And, he says he chose radars because the lesson in physics in Plus-Two excited him.

He had sent the idea to former President Kalam, who has appreciated the boy. On Wednesday, State Minister for Handlooms and Textiles N.K.K.P. Raja appreciated the boys’ efforts.

Mr. Mugunthan, who has secured admission into an electronics and instrumentation engineering course, wants to pursue the project to come up with a working model.

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