Private Colleges begin Classes in Puducherry

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Private Colleges begin Classes in Puducherry

Though the counselling for medical and engineering courses for government quota seats has been delayed for several reasons, most private colleges have filled the management quota seats and started classes.

Private medical colleges completed their admissions to the management quota in the last week of July and began the classes on 1st August, 2010.

The management of some of these colleges said that the undue delay in counselling for the government quota would put teachers under severe pressure as they would have to take special classes, once the students under government quota joined.

The delay would also put pressure on students admitted through the counselling as they would have to catch up with other students through special classes which may not be “full-fledged” when compared to regular classes.

Though such a delay is common every year, the extended delay this year was making these private colleges anxious.


“If the students come and join mid-September, they would lose a month and a half in terms of regular classes. Compensating this is very difficult because we have to start our cycle of tests also.

These students suffer a lot in the first semester due to this,” said the head of a private medical college, on condition of anonymity.

The committee is yet to announce the date of counselling as the government is awaiting the decision of the MCI on the approval for the new medical college here.

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