PSG Institute of Medical Sciences and Research

Seminar in PSG College

The PSG Institute of Medical Sciences and Research ( PSG IMSR ) will conduct on 27th June, 2011 and 28th June, 2011 a seminar on Molecular Medicine with the support of the Indo – U.S. Science and Technology Forum of the Central Government.

Five biomedical scientists from the University of Minnesota in the U.S. and five from across India will form a panel of experts in the interactive programme, Principal of PSG IMSR S. Ramalingam said in a press release.

Molecular research is a new and emerging speciality, related to understanding the pathogenesis of diseases at the molecular level. The knowledge thus obtained helped in designing specific molecular tools for diagnosis, treatment and even prevention.

Advances in genetics in the late 20th century and molecular biology had led to the birth of this new and powerful filed that held the promise of personalised treatment.

There were, however, differences among individuals of various ethnic groups – both within the country and across nations. The symposium aimed at bringing out similarities and differences between India and the U.S.