PSG Institutions will receive the Unitary University Status

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PSG Institutions will receive the Unitary University Status

‘We will always protect the interests of our faculty’

“The State Government has promised to continue all benefits that are being given to the aided faculty in the PSG Institutions till their retirement even when it will receive the unitary university status,” C.R. Swaminathan, Chief Executive of PSG Institutions told The Hindu on Friday.

“All education Institutions are short of faculty. Even here the level of attrition is high, because education has become a competitive field. We want to retain our faculty. We are not going to do something that will make them go away.

Irrespective of the institution’s status, we will always protect the interests of our faculty,” he said, responding to the agitations made by the staff associations opposing the Bill that was passed by Higher Education Minister K. Ponmudy in the Assembly recently.

The PSG unit of Association of University Teachers have been demanding the State Government to drop the proposal to convert the PSG Institutions into a unitary university, claiming that the benefits enjoyed by them and the students would be affected.

“When the Institutions are conferred the university status, it will be of immense advantage in many ways. There will be flexibility for starting new courses, curriculum can be revamped, there can be collaborations with foreign universities that will encourage exchange of students and faculty, etc.,” Mr. Swaminathan said.


“Salaries will be raised by 20 per cent for all. The Government will continue to pay the aided teachers and we will supplement their pay and other benefits.”

Explaining that the claims regarding contribution of the State Government and the University Grants Commission (UGC) by the protesting associations were not true, he said:

“The State Government is not providing any kind of assistance, except pay for the faculty, since 1985. Grants from the UGC are only for specific projects or proposals.

Most part of the expenditure for building and equipment is made by the management. Since 2005 there has been no contribution from any quarter for infrastructure.”

“With special reference to PSG College of Arts and Science, there are 30 aided UG and PG courses and 28 self-financing ones.

There are 1,745 students studying in the aided courses and 2,661 studying in the self-financing courses.

The reservation quota for admissions is strictly followed and will be followed even when it becomes a university.

The students will continue getting quality education,” Mr. Swaminathan said.

“Management is only a catalyst. It is the faculty’s motivation that will bring out the best in students.

When PSG becomes a university, the faculty and students should grow with the university and benefit from it.

“We will not let down any faculty member, whether they are pro or anti-management,” he concluded.

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