PSGR Krishnammal College – National Seminar on Remediation and Management of Urban Waste

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PSGR Krishnammal College – National Seminar on Remediation and Management of Urban Waste

The Tamil Nadu Government has allotted 25 per cent of funds for energy generation from waste, S.Vincent, Member Secretary of the Tamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology, said here on Tuesday.


He was speaking at the national seminar on the theme ‘Remediation and Management of Urban Waste’, organised at PSGR Krishnammal College for Women.

Mr. Vincent said that the Government was integrating various departments in order to tackle the problem posed by urban waste.

Chennai city, for instance, generated 3,500 tonnes of garbage a day.

If all that accumulated in the metropolis was not cleared for even one single day, the entire city would start stinking, he observed.

“Unfortunately, most people think it is the responsibility of the Government alone to tackle the garbage issue.

“But, each one is responsible for solving the problem,” he said.

The misuse of storm water drains was also a serious issue. Storm water drains in Chennai had been choked by garbage.

Roadside shops, eateries and hotels used these drains as garbage dumps, obstructing the smooth flow of water when there were showers in the city.

This caused flooding, submerging the low-lying areas, and led to the outbreak of diseases such as diarrhoea, typhoid and malaria.

He urged students to suggest solutions to the municipal administration on garbage disposal.

Academic institutions should not just act as spectators, but participate in issues such as these.

They could identify a local problem and seek to find solutions, he observed.

Scientists had found a micro organism that could convert garbage to compost. Research students too identify such organisms and patent their works.

The Government had started a patent information centre from which, students could get all the required information that related to patenting.

He advised the students to consider life sciences as a career option rather than merely concentrate on information technology. “Science and technology should touch the lives of the poor,” he said.


The Government had announced an industrial policy that would create about 20 lakh jobs by 2011 across various disciplines. Of that, 20 per cent would be in the life sciences department, he said.

Institutions would be identified and the Ministry for Higher Education would equip them with the required infrastructure.

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