Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education Hikes Remuneration for Teachers on Exam Duty

The Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education on 24th September, 2013 increased the remuneration of teachers deputed for examination duty from 25% to 50%. This increase will be implemented from the next board exam starting in 2014. Teachers were demanding the increase since long.

The finance committee of the board took the decision on this long pending proposal and gave relief to teachers engaged in examination duty. There are about 18 lakh students appearing in all board exams this year in the state. The last increase in the remuneration was made in 2010.

  • Now, an examiner who evaluates an answer copy of class XII will get Rupee 14 per copy which was Rupee 10 earlier.
  • Examiners who evaluate answer sheets of other classes will also get Rupee 13 per copy which was Rupee 9 last year.
  • “An invigilator at an examination will get Rupee 80 which was Rupee 60.
  • The examination center superintendent will now get Rupee 100 from the earlier Rupee 70 per day during examination,” said P C Verma, chairman of the board.
  • The committee has also increased the remuneration of teachers engaged in practical examinations with an examiner set to get Rupee 15 as against Rupee 10 earlier and the subject teacher will get Rupee 100 per batch instead of the Rupee 70 earlier.
  • The principal of the school will get Rupee 2.50 against Rupee 1.50 per student for supervision. Member of the flying squad will get Rupee 120 which was earlier Rupee 80 per day.
  • The coordinator of the exam will get Rupee 150 in place of Rupee 100.
  • The committee has also increased the remuneration of education officers and district education officer who will now get Rupee 1500 instead of Rupee 1200.
  • Deputy directors will get a consolidated amount of Rupee 2000 rupees instead of Rupee 1500.

The board has also raised the fees of question paper setters, fourth class employees and employees working at collection centers.

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