Research should be Part of Engineering Course

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Research should be Part of Engineering Course

Research should be a part of the engineering curriculum, Mylswamy Annadurai, Project Director, Chandrayaan, said here on Wednesday.

“There is no point in students confining themselves to books. This is not engineering education. They should innovate, experiment and be creative,” he said while speaking at the inauguration of Research and Development Cell of PPG Institute of Technology.

“Engineering students are not expected to learn by rote and reproduce in answer papers what is in textbooks. They are neither photocopying machines nor robots to work in a mechanical fashion.”

Commending the college for establishing the Cell, he said pursuing research and learning to work in teams would also help students find employment.

Team Work

“Ability to work in teams is important which is what software companies look for.

Most of the engineering students lack the ability, though,” he said and pointed out that as much as 73 per cent of the 20 lakh engineering graduates in the country were not employable.

He told the teachers that they were not expected to just teach what was in the textbook but inspire students to take up research.

“Your job is to inspire and encourage the students to take up research and that too in teams, as team work is much appreciated,” he observed.

Mr. Annadurai also called upon students to find job opportunities within the country and work for the nation.

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