Sanskrit University will be an Institute of Excellence

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Sanskrit University will be an Institute of Excellence

The Karnataka Sanskrit University will be built into an institution of excellence that will focus on Sanskrit-based research in many fields.

“We will also focus on the interaction between Sanskrit and other language systems,” Mallepuram G. Venkatesh, Vice-Chancellor of the university, said here on Wednesday.

He was here to participate in an interaction on literature at the Karnatak College Post-Graduate Centre.

“Research will remain an area of focus. There is a need for quality original research in many fields of knowledge. Since Sanskrit usage has been widespread across regions and in many fields, any attempt at research is sure to provide us with many insights,” he said.

“Today Sanskrit is viewed from a narrow perspective. People either look at it as a part of religion or as an ancient language. However, our aim will be to project the right image of Sanskrit as a primary knowledge base for all fields of human activity,” Prof. Venkatesh said.


“We will also try to facilitate the interaction of Sanskrit with other language systems. This is sure to enrich both sides. Many classical methods of using language prevalent in Sanskrit will need to be retold in modern Indian languages. Similarly, there is a need to create metaphors for various modern phenomenon in Sanskrit,” he said.

“There are some unique Sanskrit texts that can contribute to a better understanding of Karnataka. One of our aims will be to strengthen research and extension on such texts,” Prof. Venkatesh, who earlier served in the Hampi Kannada University, said.


“We will have a national-level recruitment process and attract the best talent from all over. We will make sure that at least half the staff is recruited in such fashion. The rest will be recruited through a State-level recruitment process,” Prof. Venkatesh said.

There are 14 Sanskrit colleges in the State. Apart from providing affiliation to these institutions, the university will strive to develop them.

The university is now functioning on the campus of the Sri Chamarajendra Sanskrit College in Bangalore.

The State Government has identified land near Magadi to set up the university. “We will move into it once the building is constructed,” he said.

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