Science Centre for Villupuram soon

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Science Centre for Villupuram soon

A Science Centre will be set up in Villupuram in the coming year to promote scientific thinking and studies among the students, according to K. Ponmudy, Higher Education Minister.

The Minister has underscored the point that by enriching scientific knowledge among the youngsters, the country can be led on the path of growth and prosperity.

He was speaking at a function organised by the Tamil Nadu Science and Technology Centre in Siga Higher Secondary School at Kappiayampuliyur near here to give away awards to 574 students that carried a cash prize of Rupee 5,000 and a citation.

Less Research Works

The Minister noted that though the number of educated people was on the rise and there was no corresponding increase in the number of candidates taking up research works.

He pointed out that close observation of fall of apple from a tree led to the invention of the Theory of Gravity.

Hence, there was a need for promoting scientific thinking among the students to get better perspective about the environment and to improve the living conditions.

The activity based learning, introduced at the initiative of the Tamil Nadu government, was intended to achieve this goal.

Besides making the students as fully accomplished citizens, the syllabus should also be so framed to bring out their potential.

The Minister said that Villupuram occupied second place in the State in terms of bagging the awards of the Science and Technology Centre.

He called upon the students to read with understanding and hoped that introduction of Tamil medium would result in better grasp of the subjects.

Citing the instance of China, the Minister said that since the Chinese were mastering the subjects in their mother-tongue they had come to occupy a prime place in the comity of nation.

Having realised the importance of learning in mother-tongue, Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi had introduced Tamil medium as far back as in 1972 and now he had caused the introduction of engineering courses in Tamil medium.

Priority in Jobs

Besides such a move, Mr. Karunanidhi had also announced priority in jobs for those who had studied in Tamil medium and also offered to pay the tuition fees of the first generation graduates.

The students should utilise the opportunity to excel in their studies, Mr. Ponmudy added.

District Collector R. Palanisamy, Executive Director of the Centre P. Iyamperumal, Chief Educational Officer P. Kuppusamy, Siga School Headmaster V.M.S. Sridharan and others participated.

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