Seer Akademi offers Industry – ready Courses

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Seer Akademi offers Industry – ready Courses

With the increasing requirement for industry – ready electronic engineers looming large across the global market, the microelectronics value chain is gaining importance today.

The demand for qualified electronics engineers has increased multi – fold. The present academic system in India, however, is unable to provide the industry with students who conform to the required standards.

In an effort to change this scenario and promote quality education, leading academicians have formed the Seer Akademi.

“It offers an upgrade in qualification with a unique university programme that enables electronics engineering graduates to rub shoulders with the best on a global platform by improving their skills in VLSI, microelectronics and embedded systems,” Seer Akademi Chairman and CEO Srikanth Jadcherla told.

Seer Akademi is a pioneer in electronics (Very Large Scale Integration and Embedded Systems) education. It has curriculum support modules for B.Tech and M.S. / M.Tech.

The curriculum was formed to help students in colleges and universities to improve their VLSI, microelectronics and embedded systems programmes. Seer Akademi offers certificate courses for B.Tech students and M.S. / M.Tech / Ph.D. programmes through Synopsys University of U.S.


The curriculum is primarily drawn from the Synopsys University. In addition, content on embedded systems is sourced from many of the world’s leading industries and universities.

Colleges adopting the Synopsys University curriculum through Seer Akademi can avail themselves of the following teaching programs :

  • Synopsys Certification in VLSI / Embedded Systems (3rd / 4th year B.Tech students).
  • M.S. / M.Tech / Ph.D. programs in collaboration with recognised universities – curriculum, teaching and certification services.
  • B.Tech / M.S. / M.Tech project supervision by industry experts.
  • Exchange student services.
  • Curriculum modernisation services (mostly free to participating colleges).

Participating colleges can also get assistance from Seer Akademi in the following research activities :

  • Ph.D. thesis supervision
  • Lab set – up in various electronics disciplines Adjunct faculty appointments
  • Assistance and collaboration with grant and research proposals

Seer Akademi has been formed as a curriculum services partner of Synopsys University and it is based in India and the U.S. It accommodates all the modules of an university and tailors them to weave in with the fabric of Indian educational institutions.

Seer Akademi has established multiple colleges as regional centres of excellence on a pilot basis in various parts of the country.

B.Tech students of some of the colleges in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka are undergoing intensive Synopsys University certification with sharply defined skill matrix targets.

The advantages of a tie – up with the Akademi are that graduates are industry ready and they get the pre – requisite waivers for courses taken in colleges abroad.

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