106th Anniversary of Shantigrama Higher Primary School on August 14

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106th Anniversary of Shantigrama Higher Primary School on August 14

The Shatamanotsava and Vajra Mahotsava Committee and the Grama Samskruthi Adhyana Kendra, Shantigrama, will celebrate the 106th anniversary of the Government Higher Primary School and the 63rd anniversary of the Government High School at Shantigrama on Saturday.

S.Y. Shelvapillai Iyyangar, English teacher, who was the first headmaster of the school, will be given “guruvandana” by old students of the institution. He will be brought in a procession along with other teachers to the school premises as part of the “guruvandana” programme.

Capt. G.R. Gopinath, founder of Deccan Aviation, will inaugurate the celebrations. Teachers D.M. Krishne Gowda, Y.B. Shivalinga Swamy, Lakshmana Gowda, Kaushalya Bai, Byate Gowda, K.B. Nanje Gowda, G.C. Gundappa, M.N. Range Gowda, T.M. Narasimha Shetty, Narayana Shetty and Shivananje Gowda will also be felicitated.

Secretary of the kendra G.R. Rajashekar said Shantigrama is a cultural centre in Hassan taluk.

The school was opened in 1904 for boys. It was then known as A.V. School. Later, a section for girls was started in a house. A building for the school was constructed in 1922.

B. Ananthaiah was the headmaster of the primary school in 1941. Mr. Iyyangar became the first headmaster of the high school that was opened in 1947.

It was he who started Scouts activities and introduced volley ball to the students. During his tenure, the school became popular in the district for its academic and extracurricular activities.

Teachers K.S. Keshavaiah, Ramaswamy Iyyangar and Madhugiri Ghouse Saheb too played a vital role in the growth of the school.

The high school was started by Srinivasa Murthy. Mr. Iyyangar used to get his salary of Rs. 60 in instalments. The school received a grant of Rs. 1,000 in 1952 when D.R. Kari Gowda was MLA.

In the academic year of 1961-62, the high school stood first in the district in the SSLC examination. Yeshodamma Dasappa, who became Hassan MLA, handed over the school to the government.

Mr. Rajashekar has appealed to the old students of the school to participate in the function.

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