Innovations of a Young Mind of SSN College

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Innovations of a Young Mind of SSN College

Affixing the seal has been an age – old process. But the ‘flame – less seal maker’ devised by K. Masha Nazeem would replace the centuries – old method of af­fixing a seal.

The hand – held instrument can melt lac – sticks using elec­tricity without exposing them to the naked flames.

Sealing Process

Officials in the government of Gujarat and Tamil Nadu have agreed to consider her model to be implemented in the sealing process.

This is not the only instrument this 20 – year old student of SSN Engineering College has de­vised.

She recently received the Ignite 2010 awards organised by the National Innovation Foun­dation from former President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam for her latest innovation — a mechanical por­ter that can lift and place luggage in vehicles using a hand pedall­ing system.

The idea of devising a ‘lift car­ry and place trolley’ struck Masha when she encountered great difficulty in handling her luggage during her travels.

“The present model works on a power – free and maintenance free mechanism. I am also work­ing on an alternative model that works on an improvised foot pedalling system to counter the inconveniences in the previous model,” says Masha Nazeem.

Other Innovations

This student of SSN Engineer­ing College has also received several accolades for her other innovations that include burglar alarm, VIP security system, con­veyor belt, hi – tech train toilet, child safety system at petrol bunks, and a transparent test tool kit.

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