Self-confidence is a key to Success

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Self-confidence is a key to Success

One thing that most students and parents grapple with is what qualities are needed to be a successful student. Of course, being a good student requires dedication, practice, and some expected ability.

However, there remains a factor, which is often overlooked and is arguably the most important – self-confidence.

The Newspaper in Education session held at SSV Sala Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Madurai for Class IX, highlighted self-confidence and self-discipline which are seen as the two most important ingredients for success.

Resource person Meena Murali Mohan explained that self-confidence was the ability to believe in oneself and have faith that one could be successful. Everyone, even adults, needs to believe they can be successful at a task in order to succeed.

She gave the example of how a baby tries to walk and how a kid learns to ride a bicycle. Initially, they stumble and fall and then, after gaining self-confidence and practice, they become perfect.

Experience gives a person a good amount of confidence, she said. If you have doubts, your actions will reflect those doubts and you will fail. Lack of confidence leads to frustration, second – guessing, and anxiety.

If these feelings continue, the student can develop a dislike towards a particular subject in general. She then talked about the cycle of confidence emphasising on desire, skill competence and knowledge.

Confidence – Boosters

The resource person said that the confidence boosters include smart dressing, brisk walking, maintaining a good posture, complementing other people and speaking up.

She then asked the students and write on the board ‘Things I can Do Without Fear’. She also asked the students to develop self confidence from own achievements rather than thinking about failures.

She also stressed on the five pillars, ‘AWHIP’ A – Acceptance, W – Will Power, H – Hard work, I – Industry and P – Persistence. Many studies analysing the students’ performances have found that self-discipline is a better predictor of academic success than even IQ.

A report cited that “Highly self-disciplined adolescents outperformed their more impulsive peers on every academic – performance variable, including report card grades, standardised achievement test scores, admission to a competitive high school and attendance.”

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