Stanes School, Coonoor, wins TCS’ IT Quiz

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Stanes School, Coonoor, wins TCS’ IT Quiz

It’s the story of two boys’ battle that unfolded between two well-known songs at the Corporation Kalaiarangam here on Wednesday.

The dénouement of the two-hour battle of intellect, involving speed, accuracy, memory, etc., saw Srikkanth Sridhar and Nithin Vidya Prakash of Stanes Higher Secondary School, Coonoor, emerge clear winners of the Coimbatore edition of the TCS IT Wiz 2010.

It was not an easy march, though, for the twelfth graders, as Suresh Sharma and S. Venkatesh of St. Jude’s Public School and Junior College, Kotagiri, proved formidable opponents.

It all begun with Freddie Mercury’s ‘We will rock you…’, a battle cry of sorts played ahead of the five-round finals.

By then the organisers had zeroed in on six teams for the finals : Lisieux Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Coimbatore, Angappa CBSE Senior Secondary School, Coimbatore, Laidlaw Memorial School, Udhagamandalam, G.D. Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Coimbatore, and Stanes and St. Jude’s.

They were found battle-worthy from among the 661 teams from 162 schools from Pollachi, Tirupur, Erode, Kotagiri, Udhagamandalam, Coonoor, Mettupalayam, Kannur, Kangayam and a few other towns that entered the combat zone.

In the first round, ‘Cloud Computing’, the warriors were shown visuals of personalities, Google Doodle, etc. and asked to answer the questions. In the second, ‘Autonomic Computing’, they were asked to come up with terminologies or words that best fit the description the quiz master said.

At the first two rounds, St. Jude’s’ Suresh Sharma and Venkatesh were 10 points ahead of Stanes’ Srikkanth Sridhar and Nithin Vidya Prakash with 40. Lisieux Matriculation Higher Secondary School stood third with 20.

The third front of the battle was a buzzer round related to TCS and internet. They were asked to tackle questions like ‘What is TEWS’, ‘What is flogging’, etc.

A few questions were thrown to the audience as well. TEWS is Tsunami Early Warning System developed by TCS and Flogging is fake blogging, which is blogging on a fake identity.

The fourth theatre of the battle, ‘Parallel Computing’, with emphasis on lateral thinking, saw the six compete for four questions. The warriors’ task was to link the questions, crack the clue and arrive at the answer.

It was in this theatre that St. Jude’s committed a mistake, losing five points. This bridged the gap between the first two teams to five points, with St. Jude’s at 45 and Stanes at 40.

The fifth and last round, ‘Grid Computing’, saw Stanes carpet bomb answers. Right from the word go, Srikkanth’s hands were on the buzzer and every time he pressed, the answer fell right on the target.

The questions were not easy, though, as he had to answer three questions and from that arrive at the final answer based on the given formula. And breathing down his neck was St. Jude’s.

After the intense moments, the battle came to an end when the quiz master announced that Srikkanth and Nithin had marched to the Coimbatore fort, leaving others way behind.

The scores read : Stanes 85 and St. Jude’s 45. And this is for the first time that the Stanes’ boys had won. For the past three years, St. Jude’s had held the fort.

To congratulate the winners and handover the proclamation orders Thomas Simon, Vice-President, HR, TCS, K. Jayaramakrishnan, Vice-President and Head, TCS Global Alliance and U.K. Ananthapadmanabhan, President, Kovai Medical Centre and Hospital, were there.

And they did so in the backdrop of the song, ‘Stand up for the champions…’

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