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Stitched Answer Books for Inter Exams from 2011

After successful introduction of stitched answer books for languages last year, the Board of Intermediate Education (BIE) has decided to introduce the same for all the subjects from the March 2011 annual examinations.

The 24-page stitched answer books containing 24 lines in each page will be issued to the students and no additional sheets will be given.

“We received a positive feedback from students last year and decided to extend it to all the subjects,” said the BIE Secretary, G. Balaramaiah.

He said the new booklet has multiple advantages. There will be no complaints from students on additional sheets missing and even the teachers cannot commit malpractices like removing the additional sheets from one answer sheet and attaching it to another.

The burden on invigilators will also be lessened as they don’t have to make multiple entries of additional sheets taken by a student.

“This will save time for students too and there can’t be complaints like additional sheets denied for some,” he said.

Mr. Balaramaiah says that till now a booklet of 16 white sheets was being provided but the new booklet has 24 lines in each page.

“Earlier, students used to write 10 to 12 lines on an average in each sheet with huge blank spaces. The line sheets will reduce wastage of paper apart from providing comfort factor to students. Last year’s feedback from students has indicated this,” he said.

He says BIE will not save much despite doing away with additional sheets.

The BIE prints 1.1 crore booklets every year for both Intermediate first year and second year examinations.

More than 18 lakh students appear for the exams and they write six papers each.

Mr. Balaramaiah says their study into usage of paper by students in the exams proves that they don’t need more than 24 pages.

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