Students can do Doctoral Studies in Bharathiar University

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Students can do Doctoral Studies in Bharathiar University


Students can now do Ph.D in arts and science in the Bharathiar University (BU) under the supervision of any recognized guide in India, that too as part time candidates.

“We want to have more qualified persons to teach PG students. As of now, there is a severe shortage of Ph.Ds in several fields like computer science and bioinformatics,” said Vice-Chancellor Prof G Thiruvasagam, during a press conference on Thursday.

Since the UGC has made Ph.D a must for teaching PG students, there is need for more Ph.Ds, he said. Now, a candidate can have any qualified person as guide from anywhere in the country. “The only condition is that the guide should be recognized by the university.

He should also give consent that he is ready to guide the candidate,” the V-C said.

The candidate will have to appear in person before a doctoral committee which will finalize his admission to the doctoral program. He should also appear before the committee every year to brief his progress in the research, Thiruvasagam added.

If the candidate is an M.Phil degree holder, then he should submit the thesis after a minimum of three years. Others should submit their theses after four years, he noted.

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