Students exposed to Avenues in Science

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Students exposed to Avenues in Science

It was a unique constellation at the ‘Meet your scientist’ program held at the Anna Science Centre-Planetarium here on Tuesday.

Students evinced keen interest as K.Sundararaman, senior scientist of the Kodaikanal Solar Observatory, Indian Institute of Astro Physics discussed subjects ranging from solar age to luminosity of stars.

The event was organised in commemoration of the birth anniversaries of Vainu Bappu (10th August, 2010) and Vikram Sarabhai (12th August, 2010).

Driving home the importance of shedding inhibitions, Dr. Sundararaman exhorted students to come out of their shells.

The audience, comprising students from city colleges, were in splits as he recounted hilarious anecdotes about Albert Einstein. “Even a great man like him was ignorant about many simple things. Never be afraid of not knowing something”.

The scientist also threw light on to the role played by institutes such as the Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology (IIST) and Indian Institute of Astro Physics (IIA) in creating interest in the field of basic science.

“Students are exposed to various avenues in science. IIA, IIST and ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) offer attractive scholarships and stipends to those pursuing physics at postgraduate and doctoral levels.

Not many are aware of such opportunities,” said Dr.Sundararaman. He spoke about the need for ‘proof and authentic information’ in the field of science.

Earlier, he dwelt at length about the contribution of eminent Indian scientists like Homi Bhaba, Vikram Sarabhai, Vainu Bappu, J.C.Bose, S.N.Bose and A.P.J.Abdul Kalam.

“Vainu Bappu was the only Indian president of the International Astronomical Union while Vikram Sarabhai pioneered India’s maiden space mission,” he said.

Dr. Sundararaman also pointed out that Vikram Sarabhai was instrumental in starting the Indian Institute of Management .

He attributed the growth in telecommunications and technology to space research. “Satellites have played a pivotal role in everything from communication to defence activities.”

He also said a portion of revenue from telecommunications was utilised for space research. Alagiri Swamy Raju, Project Director of the centre termed the program“informative”.

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