Students must develop Interest in Sensor Technology

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Students must develop Interest in Sensor Technology

Sensor technology can be developed as an interdisciplinary activity, involving scientists and engineers from a wide variety of disciplines – from materials scientists, chemists and biologists, to physicists, electronics engineers and IT specialists, said C.P.Rao, Professor of IIT, Mumbai at a guest lecture on Chemosensors held by the Department of Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering at Vignan University on Monday.

Research on chemosensors is picking up and drawing researchers from various disciplines to work together on a day-to-day basis to find solutions is a huge challenge, Prof. Rao said while explaining the usage of basic concepts of chemistry and biology in developing sensors.

Development of various metal ions to sense various chemical molecules is today fueling further research in the fields of medicine, environment and research, Dr. Rao observed and exhorted the students to embark on a quest for knowledge and build a vibrant research environment on the campus.

Vice-Chancellor of Vignan University, V Govardhana Rao, Director K.V.N. Srinivasa Rao and Head of Department of Biotechnology R.Venkata Nadh were present.

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