Students to power Kerala ICT Initiative

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Students to power Kerala ICT Initiative

As part of efforts to hasten the implementation of an ICT-enabled mode of education in the State, IT@School will organise training sessions for 15,000 students during Onam holidays.

From 26th August, 2010 to 28th August, 2010, student school IT coordinators will be trained to set right problems with computers, fight cyber misdeeds using free software, create and maintain blogs, operate computing tools in Malayalam and use graphics software.

Subsequently, these students will be asked to remain in touch via email. According to executive director of the IT@School programme Anvar Sadath, the coordinators were being trained not just to provide manpower backup to the ICT activities of a school but also to give a similar support to the local community.


“We at the IT@School have always noticed that in schools where the student IT coordinators are very active, the ICT initiatives get implemented very efficiently. It appears that the enthusiasm of students encourages the teachers too,” he explained.

Mr. Sadath said the IT@School programme was at a crucial stage of operations where it was preparing to shift gears from IT education to ICT-enabled education and eventually to ICT-embedded education.

He said the programme had adopted a bottom-up model of functioning wherein teachers and students were very closely involved in the rollout of various initiatives.

“It is this mode of operation which gives birth to the idea of having student coordinators who will assist the school IT coordinator — a teacher — in implementing ICT initiatives.”

“These students are in charge of running the IT club and the IT corner in schools. The student coordinators are also well versed in maintaining the computer labs in their schools.”

Those who had not registered to participate in the programme should register with the district offices of IT@School, Mr. Sadath said.

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