Students Skills need to be developed in Academic Side

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Students Skills need to be developed in Academic Side

There has to be a consistent awareness in ensuring the quality of higher education and quantity should not lead to compromise in quality, said Director of the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), H.A. Ranganath here recently.

He was speaking at a function organised by the Nehru Group of Institutions and Educational and Charitable Trust to present the P.K. Das Memorial Best Faculty Awards to 18 teachers.

Harping on the quality of education, Mr. Ranganath said that the skills of students besides academics needed to be developed. He also sought the teachers to enlighten the UG students as marketing them in the employment front was proving to be tough. Vice-Chancellor of Bharathiar University C. Swaminathan underlined the need for making graduates into marketable products and teachers to perform a socially, academically and ethically responsible role. Parents and teachers besides academics would have to ensure the character of a student.

Mr. Swaminathan cautioned that with education becoming digital and e-learning dominating, if teachers failed to equip themselves, there was always a danger of technology replacing them. Teachers should rise to the occasion and prove that no technology could replace their role.

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