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Making students employable

While the number of engineering colleges in the State and the number of students graduating from them have been increasing sharply over the last decade, the question of graduates employability lingers.

By way of addressing this issue, TalentSprint, a social enterprise that seeks to make a difference by providing apt and high quality training to job aspirants, will soon launch its operations in Chennai.

TalentSprint began with a bunch of experienced professionals holding senior positions in the industry who decided to privilege the need for creating employable candidates over those tempting moves in their own career graphs.

“Thousands of unemployable graduates were passing out of institutions every year. The top companies would recruit the good students, leaving the remaining majority jobless. We strongly felt something needed to be done,” says Santanu Paul, CEO and Managing Director, TalentSprint.

Established in Hyderabad in the year 2009, TalentSprint has groomed well over 1,000 candidates into job – ready individuals, achieving a nearly – 90 per cent success in placement.

“Even the big companies that recruit candidates, on an average spend about six months and ₹ 2.5 lakh on each of the recruits. So, when we are able to train candidates for specific requirements of the industry, they are bound to be placed well,” Mr. Paul adds.

In addition to offering the much – needed training, TalentSprint also networks with companies that are potential employers. “Currently, about 35 companies periodically recruit candidates trained by us and by end of this year, we are confident of having about 100 companies recruit our candidates,” Mr. Paul says.

J.A. Choudhary, Executive Chairman, TalentSprint, explains that training programmes for graduates holding professional degrees span three months. Candidates graduating with degrees in the arts and sciences could enrol for the six month programme.

The programmes address different requirements of the Information Technology and Banking Industries.

“We operate through advanced learning centres in the metros as well as remote learning centres in tier II and III towns where technology is used to make our trainers and programmes available for students in remote localities,” Mr. Choudhary says.

While the programmes currently target the pool of job aspirants who are out of college, the company is considering going to campuses.

In Chennai, the TalentSprint is setting up a state – of – the – art training centre meeting international standards, Mr. Paul says.

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