Practical Exam for Mathematics sought

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Practical Exam for Mathematics sought

Members of the Tamil Nadu Higher Secondary Mathematics Teachers Association ( TNHSMTA ) will petition the Chief Minister on 22nd March, 2012 seeking practical examination for mathematics in the Plus Two board examinations from the coming academic year.

State President of the association V. Vijayakumar said that they would re – emphasise their demand of having practical examination for that subject for 50 marks on par with other major subjects – Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science.

“A model question paper suggesting interesting practical questions in Mathematics will also be submitted to them,” he added

Some interesting questions that the association has prepared include calculating the time of death of an accident victim or a murder, taking into consideration the varying room and body temperatures and other numeric factors.

Another practical question is to calculate the height of pillars required for constructing a bridge.

They will also submit separate petitions to the School Education Minister, Education Secretary, Director of Examinations, Director of School Education, Director of Matriculation Schools and RMSA on 22nd March, 2012 seeking inclusion of practical exam for the subject and to avoid mistakes in the board examination question papers.

Mr. Vijayakumar said that mistakes and lack of clarity in the High School and Higher Secondary Board Examination question papers have been occurring almost every year and forced students to undergo stress in the examination hall.

“Even brilliant students wasted a lot of time when they attended such questions and such issues will be addressed in the petitions,” he said.

He said that one of their requests is seeking full marks for the six mark question in this year’s Plus Two board exam – question number 55 in Part – B – in which the minus (-) has been printed very close to the divided by symbol, which was mistaken as plus (+) by many students.

“Students cannot solve the problem if they missed the minus and it is not their mistake,” he added.

Claiming that there is another error in Part – B where in the questionnaire has not been set as prescribed in the blueprint, Mr. Vijayakumar noted that there is a provision for asking only three six mark questions as a combination of two three mark questions.

“But this year they had asked four questions in this fashion – 43, 44, 53 and 54 – which is against the prescription in the blueprint,” he observed.

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