Teacher Training set to go Hi-tech in Kerala

Teacher education in the Kerala is set to take a big technological leap, thanks to a crucial intervention by the IT@School Project.

All B.Ed and M.Ed teachers and students of universities in the State will soon get training in ICT (information communication technology) enabled methods of education.

ICT-enabled education was alien to teacher trainers , despite the State adopting an all-new Kerala Curriculum Framework in tune with the National Curriculum Framework three years ago.

Although the style of pedagogy underwent a sea change with the new curriculum framework, the potential of ICT remained untapped.

“We realised the importance of empowering teacher trainers in the use of ICT when we began giving more emphasis on it at the school level,” said K. Anvar Sadath, Director of IT@School.

Although the State syllabi give vital emphasis on ICT-enabled education, encouraging teachers to employ ICT methods in all subjects, the universities are yet to tune their B.Ed syllabi in accordance with the demands at school.

IT and ICT are no longer mere subjects at school, but vital tools for instruction. The ICT textbook introduced this year for Class 8 was a big hit.

The textbook for Class 9 too would soon go the ICT way. But for B.Ed students, IT continues to remain a subject.

A two-day orientation workshop conducted by IT@School for teacher educators of Calicut University last week evoked enthusiastic response from many quarters.

Inaugurating the workshop through videoconferencing, Mr. Sadath said that the catch-them-young strategy would do wonders in ICT-enabled education system.

“If the ‘student teachers’ are well versed with ICT, then they can bring about changes in our schools,” he said.

Over 100 teacher students from 11 colleges and university centres attended the workshop organised in association with the University of Calicut Education Alumni Association (UCEA).

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