Teachers should be friendly to students to create a vibrant young generation

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Teachers should be friendly to students to create a vibrant young generation

Giving a message to the teacher community, eminent Bhagavatha exponent Prof Prema Panduranga said teachers should be friendly to students to create a vibrant young generation.

Panduranga was reacting to reports of harassment of students by teachers in Tamil Nadu.

“These incidents happen due to lack of spiritual practice in daily life. Spirituality gives you everything, but most people are unaware of it. A teacher must have father’s care and mother’s concern for students.

She was addressing the audience on the theme of ‘Bhishma – the terrible vow for celibacy’ under ‘Celebrities of Mahabharata’ during a three-day (from April 4 to 6) discourse at the Dhanwanthari Kalakshetra of Arya Vaidhya Pharmacy here on Sunday

The function was organised as part of the birth centenary celebrations of the Arya Vaidya Pharmacy’s founder PV Ramavariar.

“Bhishma was a perfect example of how to live an ideal life. He was a man of principles and knew well when he had to bow down and when he should raise his head.

The death of Bhishma shows the greatness in him as he was a yogi,” Prema Panduranga said.

Mahabharata teaches the value of time-management in our daily life through simple stories, she said and added

“Today, most people say ‘I don’t have time’ to do various things. If you read the great epic, you can manage everything.

She urged people to show commitment to work rather than look for monetary benefits.

She relaunched the official website of Arya Vaidya Pharmacy, www.avpayurveda.com.

The site has many features like ‘ download section where newsletters and papers published in the research journal.

Ancient Science of Life can be downloaded. It also provides an online shopping portal, http://shop.avpayurveda.com, which enables visitors to choose products of their choice, calculate the price and shipping cost online

The order can be placed online while the payment has to be made by cheque or online banking system.

In the near future, online payment using credit and debit cards would also be possible.

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