Teachers’ Retirement Age could be Raised to 65

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Teachers’ Retirement Age could be Raised to 65

LDF panel meeting starting from Monday may take up issue.

Besides the heavy agenda on governance already before it, the State committee of the Left Democratic Front (LDF), meeting here for two days starting from Monday, is likely to take up the proposal to raise the retirement age of teachers in arts and science, medical and engineering colleges.

Highly-placed sources in the government told The Hindu here on Friday that the matter was being placed before the LDF State committee as any further delay in taking a decision on the issue would result in the State losing around Rs.500 crore in assistance from the University Grants Commission (UGC).

The State would become eligible for the promised 80 per cent assistance only if the age of superannuation was also raised.

The Communist Party of India (Mraxist) State secretariat had already discussed the issue and resolved to ar-riveat a political consensus on it before a formal decision was taken, they said. The State government’s plan is to raise the retirement age to 60 years as against the 65 years stipulated by the UGC.

Political Implications:

The LDF government does not wish to peg the retirement age beyond 60 years in view of the political implications of any such move. The government takes consolation from the fact that Maharashtra and a few other State governments, which have already implemented the UGC scheme, have chosen to peg the retirement age of their college teachers at 60 years. The retirement age of university teachers in Kerala is already 60 years.

  • Delay in decision may result in loss of UGC aid
  • Kerala Govt. for raising retirement age to 60

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