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NewTest of English as a Foreign Language ( TOEFL ) Dates

The TOEFL test measures an individual’s ability to use and understand English at the university level and assesses how a student combines the reading, listening, writing and speaking skills needed to succeed in an academic setting.

“We are committed to ensuring every student throughout India has the opportunity to take the test. We will continue to monitor capacity and will add additional testing administrations when necessary to accommodate the needs of Indian learners,” says David Hunt, Vice – President and Chief Operating Officer of ETS’s Global Division.

Registration for the test is available at

Test takers have the opportunity to register for up to three months in advance. Also, ETS will be hosting the TOEFL test ultimate English quiz – a – thon campus events in the Capital, throughout October, to assist students as they prepare for the assessment. The events are free – of – charge and will offer English – related quizzes, study tips, prizes and an opportunity to speak with TOEFL representatives.

More information, including free sample test questions and study resources, is available at For more details students can register for the upcoming events on Facebook at / toeflgoanywhereindia.

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TOEFL Score Comparison Unfair

An analysis by the ETS which conducts Toefl ( Test of English as a Foreign Language ) showed that candidates whose mother tongue is an Indian language fared much better than those whose native language was English.

“Toefl provides accurate scores at the individual level; it is not appropriate for comparing countries,” clarified Walt MacDonald, ETS executive vice – president and chief operating officer.

“The differences in the number of students taking the test in each country, how early English is introduced into the curriculum, how many hours per week are devoted to learning English, and the fact that those taking the test are not representative of all English speakers in each country or any defined population,” Said MacDonald.

English is gaining currency in India’s rural pockets and pedestrian schools, too. And picking up the grammar of what people want, some governments have been forced to introduce the Queen’s lingo as the medium of instruction in public schools.

“There is a huge amount of English in the country now. Everybody knows a fair amount of English. Also, Indians are intrinsically bright. When they apply themselves to a task, they do well at it,” said Yasmeen Lukmani, former English HOD at the University of Mumbai.

Kerala and Tamil Nadu have had English in all regional – language schools from as early as the records read. A Planning Commission member said that no agency or government would be able to provide the exact number of students learning English in India.

“It’s a nebulous area; there are so many schools teaching English today. Many of them are little more than small shops catering to those who are dropping out of government schools,” he said.

But many experts were surprised at ETS findings. Adil Jussawalla, who taught English as a foreign language to Indian students in London before he returned to Mumbai, said he was amazed at the scores ETS had come up with.

“Probably these students are taking language courses or getting trained before taking Toefl. Otherwise, this does not tie up with another statistic which found Indian students who go abroad poor at English.”

Numbers apart, experts believe India would have to address the rising tide of aspirations. Sunanda Sanyal, who was a member of the West Bengal Education Commission, said English’s popularity was linked to its increasing utility in day – to – day life, whether it’s buying medicine at the chemist or simply following the right bus route.

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TOEFL Awards for Nine Indian Students

Giving  away the TOEFL ( Test of English as a Foreign Language)  – 2011 awards to nine students here in Mumbai on 7th July, 2011, Executive Vice – President and Chief Operating officer of the U.S. based rational Testing Services ( ETS ) Walt MacDonald said awards were initiated in 2010  to give more opportuni­st students from India to help them realise their academic potential and enable them to become leaders and catalysts of change in their local communities as well as the global community.

The ETS honoured nine high – performing students India, awarding $ 60,000 in scholarship fund – for undergraduate or graduate study in 2011. While three students received $ 10, 000 each, six were awarded $ 5,000 each for their study in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia or any other European country.

The recipients were : ( In the $ 10,000 category ) Gayathry Ravikumar ( Chennai ), Omkar Deshmukh ( Mumbai ) and Sruthi Chandrasekaran ( Chennai ); ( In the $ 5,000 category ) Apurva Bamezai ( Delhi ), Debajyothi chatterjee ( Kolkata ), Dinakar Ayalasomayajula ( Hyderabad ), Karanveer Mohan ( Delhi ), Naveed Kanjiyam ( Mumbai) and Pradhayini Ramamurthy ( Coimbatore ).

Executive Director of the Government and External Relations of ETS Chuck Melley said 655 students were from the hundreds of applications re­ceived. “Of them, we shortlist­ed 36 for the semi – final stage and 18 were again short listed as finalists. Finally, we identi­fied nine.”

The scholarships were giv­en on their application and a 600 – word essay accompany­ing the application, university score transcripts, overall academic background and an in­terview over Skype.

The scholarship funds will be disbursed by ETS to the students’ respective institutions and will be applied to their 2011 – 12 tuition fees on their arrival on the campus, Mr. Melley said.

Interacting with the press people after the award ceremony, the jubilant young winners voiced a similar note : “It is an achievement for us and the scholarship has played a ma­jor role in our selection by the universities and colleges. It would also reduce our finan­cial load.” All of them have been se­lected by top institutions.

Gayathry will be joining Uni­versity of California – Berke­ley for an MS degree in chemical engineering, Omkar has been selected by McGill University – Montreal for a PG programme in computer sci­ence, and Sruthi will be join­ing Lady Margaret College – Oxford for a Master’s programme in social policy.

Apurva has been selected by Cambridge University for an M.Phil programme in development studies, Debajyothi will be joining Technical University of Munich for an MS degree in computer science, Dinakar has been selected by ENSTA – Prague for a PG pro­gramme, Karanveer Mohan has been selected by Stanford University for an undergradu­ate programme in computer science, Naveed Kanjiyam will be joining the University of Toronto for a Bachelor’s de­gree and Pradhayini will be joining Delft University of Technology, Netherlands, for a Master’s degree in embedded systems.

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TOEFL Scores valid for Australian Student Visa

Indian students who wish to study in Australia can now use their TOEFL test scores as part of their visa application as announced by Australia’s Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC).

The announcement came from Chris Bowen, Minister for Immigration and Citizenship and it has significant meaning for large numbers of international students from Assessment Level 3 and 4 countries, including India, China, Vietnam, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Turkey and the Philippines, who are interested in studying in Australia.

International students now have the opportunity to use the TOEFL test to demonstrate their English language proficiency, satisfying the required language component of the visa application process.

“Nearly every university and college in Australia already accepts TOEFL scores for admission purposes. Today’s announcement means that students can now use their TOEFL scores for both visa and academic admission purposes,” explains David Hunt, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of ETS’s Global Division. The ETS offers the TOEFL test.

“The TOEFL test is the most widely accepted English language assessment worldwide. It is popular with prospective students.

We welcome the re-introduction of the TOEFL test for student visa purposes,” said Jeffrey Smart, Pro Vice – Chancellor ( International and Recruitment ) at Melbourne’s Swinburne University of Technology.

“For many years, students have been able to gain academic admission into Australia’s universities on the basis of their TOEFL score. Now applicants will be able to satisfy visa requirements with this test as well.

With students in 165 countries taking the TOEFL test, the Department’s decision provides a boost to Australia’s international student recruitment efforts offering a larger and more diverse applicant pool.”

More information about the TOEFL test, including registration dates is available at


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