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Tips for Students as SSLC Exam Begins Today

Tips for Students as SSLC Exam Begins Today

Coimbatore: As matriculation exams got under way and the countdown for SSLC exams began today, teachers, parents and students spoke on some useful tips to be followed at home and inside the exam hall.

Regin Mary Joy, a teacher, stresses on time management. She says students should keep their eyes on their watch. For subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology, sticking to the time of crucial. Students should complete each subject in 1.15 hours to fetch good marks in these fetch good marks in these subjects.

Ashwin Krishnaswamy, a Standard X student, says 'no' to everything except his studies and, of course, the special food and fruit juices his mother prepares for the big occasion. Though a Team India fan, he has told his parents to cut the cable connection till the exam are over.

He studies till 10.30 pm and resumes it from 4 am. He managed the time so well that he is able to quickly revise all portions before setting our for the exams. Even in the exam hall, he completes the answers 15 minutes a head of the deadlines to leisurely revise the answers.

For him, the most challenging subjects, which regard to time management, will be English I, Botany and Zoology.

His mother says parents should silently monitor how their wards prepare for the exams. They should not interfere in any way that upsets them of makes them tense.

Nikhil Agarwal another Std. X student of a school near Puliyakulam, says, "Exams or no exams, I will never miss the TV programme 'Kaun Benega Crorepati".

But then he studies till midnight. Since his parents still keep watching TV he joins them briefly for a change.

Ramakrishnan, a matric student, explains his strategy. "I start with essay questions fist, then short answers and finally attempt one-mark questions."

Sushma, unlike him, takes the questions in the given order. She emphasizes on good handwriting and neat presentation. She allocates the last 15 minutes in the exam hall to draw rules to separate the answers.

Davis Dhosh, an early bird, prefers studying in the morning.

Beaula Nandakumar, principal of the higher secondary school, says parents should create a peaceful environment at home for their wards to study. They should try to avoid unnecessary quarrels. And children should avoid eating out, especially fast foods.

Students should stop studying at 10 p.m. A 10 minute break in studies every half-an-hour is advisable. Students should be given foods that are cooling like tender coconut and butter mulk, to fight summer heat. They should not be allowed to go out in the sun, she says.

Balasubramanian, Head of the English Department of another school, advises students to start with questions they find easier to answer. They should not get tensed for any reason and try to relax.

The students should try to write the exam with the same pen which they use regularly so that normal speed handwriting remains unaffected. Also the students should underline the important points with black ink to make evaluation easier for the examiner.

On the food intake, he says students should have timely meal which should include lot of fruits.

On parents' supporting role, he says they should role, he says they should ease tension and boost confidence of their wards. Also they should make their wards understand that writing public exams is not a Herculean task. Instead, they can enjoy the whole exercise their mind cool and organized.

Tips for Students as SSLC Exam Begins Today

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