TNAU Dean Awarded for Research on Fruit Science

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TNAU Dean Awarded for Research on Fruit Science

DEAN (Horticulture) of Tamil Nadu Agriculture University N Kumar has been awarded the Shri Girdhari Lal Chadha Memorial gold medal in recognition of his significant contributions made in the field of fruit science.

The award was conferred by chairman of Agricultural Service Recruitment Board, C D Mayee at a function convened by Horticultural Society of India at New Delhi recently. According to a release, Kumar, the first horticultural scientist from TNAU to bag this prestigious award has served as an principal investigator for over 13 externally funded schemes, which were worth more than Rs.100 lakh.

“During the last 10 years, his research focus was on crop improvement of banana. Further, he played a major role in developing a nematode tolerant banana hybrid, which is under multi location testing at TNAU,” the release said.

Kumar has also standardised balanced fertilisation for papaya to get higher fruit and latex yield, foliar spraying of SOP to banana and mango, besides the bio-priming techniques to manage the bunchy top disease in banana.

It is to be noted that his work on High density planting and Fertigation Technology in banana, which was released in 2003 is extensively followed by banana growers in the State.

The dean has published four textbooks in horticulture, besides had written over 50 research articles in international journals and 82 national journals. Apart from the Girdhari Lal Chadha Memorial medal, Kumar has also received five medals from TNAU for his distinct academic activities and four medals from other organisations for his meritorious service in horticulture, particularly with regard to banana.

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