TNPSC barred from publishing List of Selected Candidates

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TNPSC barred from publishing List of Selected Candidates

The Group-I services selection by the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission is again in the spotlight, with the Madras High Court directing authorities not to publish the list of selected candidates for 2007-08 and 2008-09 till December 10.

Passing interim orders on writ petitions, Justice V. Dhanapalan ordered notice of motion returnable in one week. He also permitted private notice and posted the matter for December 9.

In his petition, K.Velusamy of Perundurai in Erode stated that he belonged to the Most Backward Community and was a candidate for the Group I services for 2006-07.

He should have been appointed in a vacancy created by the non-joining of selected/recommended candidates from the rank list.

Though many selected candidates had not joined service within the stipulated time, and several had expressed non-willingness, the rank list was not implemented to fill the vacancies.

In September, the High Court had passed orders upholding the list for the Group-I services for 2006-07. Only thereafter, the appointment orders were issued and the candidates given 30 days time to join the allotted services.

In all, 172 posts were to be filled. Since all the selected candidates might not accept the appointment owing to various reasons, such posts had to be filled from the reserve list/rank list drawn.

For this, a minimum of 25 per cent of candidates had to be maintained in the reserve list.

By the time the TNPSC published the final selection list in July this year for 2006-07, the results of the main examination for 2008-09 were published. Oral tests would be held this month and final results declared on the last date of the interview. The earlier reserve list/rank list would lapse.

The petitioner said he would be affected. This was not due to any lapse on his part, but because of pendency of legal proceedings.

Therefore, the reserve list for 2006-07 should be operated and appointments to 172 posts completed before publishing the final list for 2008-09.

He prayed the court to forbear the TNPSC from publishing the final select list-cum-allotment order for the examination for 2007-08 and 2008-09 till all the vacancies for 2006-07 are filled from the reserve list.

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