Travancore Engineering College Students develop Hybrid Car

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Travancore Engineering College Students develop Hybrid Car

Students of Travancore Engineering College at Oyoor in Kollam have developed an add – on hybrid system that will enable a fossil fuel – powered car to work on electricity also without compromising on performance.

A team comprising S. Suvi, A. Sabith, Adel Iqbal, Rahul B. Ranj, Rakesh Krishnan, Rijaf Hussain, L. Baby, Gopakumar, Y. Mouhammed Fawas and N. Nahas claims that the bi – fuel hybrid car is affordable, fuel efficient and less polluting.

The final year students of Mechanical Engineering modified a Maruti 800 without changing the engine components.

They mounted an 8 HP electric motor powered by an array of six batteries.

While the Maruti engine drives the front axle, the electric motor powers the rear wheels through an additional clutch, gearbox and differential borrowed from a Maruti Omni.

The batteries of 12 volts and 100 ampere each can be charged from a plug point. The prototype developed by the students ran 60 km on a full charge.

‘Feasible Alternative’

Suvi and Sabith said the project was designed to offer a feasible solution to the rising cost of petroleum products and the increasing concern for environmental pollution caused by automobiles.

“The range we could achieve on the experimental vehicle shows that it is possible to run a car on batteries for daily commuting without frequent recharging,” they said.

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