Uniform Syllabus for Science and Math in Class XII and XI

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Uniform Syllabus for Science and Math in Class XII and XI

Task Force to be Established to look into Common Entrance Exam by 2013.

Common Syllabus for Maths, Science in 2010.

In a bid to provide a level playing field for students and help them in competitive exams, Union Minister for Human Resource Development Kapil Sibal on Tuesday said that efforts were on to conduct a single national level entrance examination by 2013 for students seeking admission to engineering and medical courses.

The meeting of the Council of Boards of School Education (COBSE) decided that all school in science and mathematics.

Kapil Sibal told reporters on the sidelines of the meet that if children want to succeed with equal opportunities, they should be admitted into engineering and medical colleges through a single exam.

“There was near unanimity that the core curriculum be adopted. We believe that on the basis of this core curriculum, an all India common entrance test would possible in 2013,” he said.

He added, “We have also requested the chairman of the COBSE and the chairman of boards in the country will have a common mathematics and science syllabus for Class XI and XII from 2011.

The meeting also discussed the issue of conducting a common entrance test for professional courses and decided to set up a task force to formulate the modalities for such a test. It approved the core curriculum the various secondary boards to look into commerce as the next stream and prepare a core curriculum for it,” indicating that there would be soon be one common entrance exam for commerce too.

The meeting also decided on conducting workshops to disseminate the common core curriculum.

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