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University of Madras denies approval for appointment of 190 Lecturers

University of Madras denies approval for appointment of 190 Lecturers

The University of Madras is defying a circular issued by the Director of Collegiate Education in 1999 by withholding approval for the appointment of more than 190 lecturers and principals in affiliated minority colleges, according to the affected faculty members.

The university has been withholding approval since 2006 on the grounds that the colleges were violating University Grants Commission (UGC) norms by not including a nominee of the Vice - Chancellor in the selection panel for lecturer appointments.

Minority colleges say they have been exempted from these norms. Since other universities in the State have been exempting minority institutions, the affected lecturers and colleges filed Right to Information requests with these universities seeking to know on what grounds they acted. These universities cited a circular issued by the DCE on October 12, 1999, stating that the norms need not be followed by minority - aided institutions.

However, Higher Education Secretary K. Ganesan says it is not clear if the circular issued by the DCE represents the government. He did not have the authority to give exemption to a UGC rule. "Just because some universities have wrongly followed the circular does not mean that a university doing the right thing should be stopped."

Since only the University of Madras is not following this circular, the aggrieved lecturers are claiming that they are victims of double standards. They also claim that the University of Madras had not granted approval for a single lecturer in one of the minority institutions in January 2008, because of intense political pressure.

The lecturers are now asking the Chairman of the State Minority Commission to represent their case to the Chief Minister by October 20. In case that fails, they plan a one - day fast on October 24 and say they will involve other minority institutions in the city. The managements have taken the issue to court and it is due to be heard on October 26.

University of Madras denies approval for appointment of 190 Lecturers

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