B.A. Programme in University of Southampton’s Faculty of Humanities

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B.A. Programme in¬†University of Southampton’s Faculty of Humanities

University of Southampton’s Faculty of Humanities has launched a B.A. programme in English Literature, Language and Linguistics for the next academic year 2012 – 13.

The new course is aimed at students from around the world who are interested in great authors such as Chaucer, Shakespeare, Austen and Wilde but have not studied English literature formally.

The three – year programme through a combination of core courses and optional modules will focus on the linguistic systems underlying English, as well as the language in use and the relationship between language and context, society and individual.

Students will study both written and spoken language which will be related to literary texts and everyday discourse. Southampton University admissions are open up to January 15, 2012 and application details are available at www.ucas.com.

Students who have scored a minimum of 75 per cent in Class XII are eligible to apply. More information is available at www.southampton.ac.uk/english.

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