Uttar Pradesh Rajarshi Tandon Open University Steps up to Develop Self – Learning

Uttar Pradesh Rajarshi Tandon Open University ( UPRTOU ), Allahabad, is taking steps to develop its own Self – Learning Material ( SLM ). UPRTOU has been using IGNOU SLM for many courses, though for some courses it has already developed its own SLM.

UPTROU vice – chancellor AK Bakshi said that the development of SLM is a challenging task as it should be written in such a way that after going through it, a student does not need a teacher.

Efforts in this direction began in August, 2012 as it was felt that SLM in many courses were not revised for a long time and became outdated. It was also felt that UPRTOU should revise and modernize the existing syllabi and then develop its own SLM.

Various boards of studies were constituted in different subjects. These boards have modernised and updated the existing syllabi and recommended the names of experts for authoring and editing the SLM for various programmes of the university.

These were then approved by many school boards, academic council ( AC ) and executive council ( EC ) of UPRTOU. A booklet containing detailed instructions for authors/editors was also readied by the faculty members.

Presently, hundreds of experts, university teachers and academic consultants are busy in the task of developing SLM. A lot of material has already been written and is at editing stage, said Bakhshi. The new SLM is likely to be ready by the beginning of next year and that it would make the university self – reliant.

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