Very Few Students Opt for Science Courses

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Very Few Students Opt for Science Courses

The lowering of qualifying marks for engineering courses, coupled with the craze for information technology-related courses, has resulted in a situation in which fewer and fewer students opt for Arts and Science Courses, G. Thiruvasagam, Vice-Chancellor of Bharathiar University, said here on Monday.

“So far, we have been able to fill only 25 per cent of the seats for the courses in basic sciences, and this trend is disturbing,” he told reporters after taking part in the inauguration of a regional centre of the university at T. Nagar.

Students and their parents believe that only information technology courses will ensure a remunerative future, but non-IT sectors account for 67 per cent of the job market, he pointed out. The relevance of basic science courses would never disappear.

Concerned at the poor response of students to these courses, Bharathiar University has decided to establish a centre for the development of basic sciences, he said.

Through it, the university would involve industry in the preparation of curriculum. Lectures would be delivered through videoconferencing.

Dr. Thiruvasagam said an evaluation of the National Assessment and Accreditation Council had ranked Bharathiar University among the 42 ‘A grade’ universities.

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