Concept of Open Book helping Students

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Concept of Open Book helping Students

Gone are the days when textbooks in schools and colleges were more important and students were expected to rely only on them.

Now, the system has changed and textbooks are considered less important than various guides and notes which were followed by students and a number of teachers.

This is because examinations were considered more important than learning, defeating the very objective of education. However, the question now is how to revert to textbooks and set aside guides.


The solution to this question needs innovative experiment which was successfully carried out by an organisation named “Vision Prakashan” based in Kolhapur.

It has a network of 568 branches in various parts of Maharashtra, including the Naxalite – influenced area of Gadchiroli, with more than 20,000 people working as representatives for maintaining periodical contacts with students and their parents.

‘Scientific Test Series’ is the basic concept of this experiment. For this, Professor Raosaheb Magdum, founder of this organisation, had travelled to various parts of the country and after interaction with students and experts in the field of education, he finalised the concept.

According to this concept, students were asked to write answer papers with the help of textbooks.

While question papers were provided to students, they were allowed to use textbooks and then write the answers. This encourages them to find out correct method of reading.

According to this ‘open book concept’, the ideal answer paper is given later just to tally it with whatever answers they have come up using textbooks.

Both the question and answer papers are supplied to their houses or locations so that they need not lose any time to attend classes.

This has helped students to improve their reading and comprehension skills, instead of merely focussing on the examinations.

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