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Axis 2013 at Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology promotes learning with fun :

Even as the world outside had just wrapped up the festive celebrations, the premises of Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology ( VNIT ) came alive this weekend. The campus was buzzing with presence of students of all ages and classes, including school kids and college youths from across the country.

The occasion was college’s annual technical fest ‘Axis’. There were around 40 events at Axis-2013, divided into four broad themes – software and electronics; construction, design and architecture; robotics and automation; and management. The tech fest saw participation by college students from Gurgaon, Bhillai, Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai while the school students were from places like Ramtek, Jambsavali, Yavatmal and Wardha.

“The events are designed and conceived keeping in mind the interests of budding engineers, even those from the schools. From making various kinds of robotic devices to understanding the working of a car engine, designing bridges and devices that can generate hydroelectricity, animations and other brainy stuff, all the competitions were such that they challenged one’s mental faculties,” said an organizer Ajay Gupta. He added that instead of the plain boring format, the competitions were situation-based like building a robot to save people from an area where a volcano has just erupted.

It was not just learning but a lot of fun too. “We organized games like paint ball and body zorbing which attracted a huge number of kids. There was also a vintage car rally, liquid nitrogen show by scientists from Raman Science Centre and an exhibition of rocks by the Geological Survey of India,” said another organizer Sushant Telang.

School students had their bit of fun in competitions like science projects, catapult designing, quizzing and model United Nations. “Participating in this event is a learning experience. Now, my resolve to become an engineer and take admission to VNIT has only become stronger,” said school student Shreya Kulkarni. “Not just engineering, so many other career options have opened up for us by learning a few things here and interacting with the seniors,” said standard X student Mrunal Kakirwar.

A final year engineering student from Durg, Chatrapal Singh, was especially impressed with the scale at which the robots in the various competitions were made. For Abhilash Singh from Bhillai, it was exciting to be a part of events he had only heard kept happening at IITs and NITs. Third year student Amit Subudhi said, “It is impressive that an event of this magnitude is being organized entirely by the students every year.”

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